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How to Make money with YouTube | Online Money making

Make money with YouTube

There are plenty of ways by which you can make money online. And many of them are proven and told in this Blog.

But, Among them all YouTube is also great way to make money.

Because, in YouTube you don’t have to create and maintain your website , No coding , No s.e.o hassle ( little bit S.E.O needed ).


As growing number of Smartphone users, there is good scope for peoples who loves to be on camera.

making YouTube video’s are not difficult task. you just have to express yourself in front of camera.

with increasing demand of Video content. you can easily pick any topic. By which you can make more and more videos within your interest.

there are peoples who are always want to entertain. So, if you are going to make videos on funny topic or if you want to pick any category in which you tell interesting things, then peoples are going to love your content.

It is not only delivering your content to your Audience. But YouTube gives Big money too.

Like PewDewPew ( An YouTube celebrity ). You also can become famous and make lots of money.

Here is how you can Make money with YouTube .

  • Pre-planning :

If you are going to see as your business then you can surely going to be succeed .

And like any other business , this business also needs business plan. if you create right strategy then you can surely get your 1000 subscribers very fast and can Make money with YouTube .

If you have your own e-mail id which is associated with Google, then you can easily login to YouTube. and can upload your content on it.

but, we suggest you that don’t do that. You must have to create your different e-mail id for your YouTube account.

So you can get e-mails only regarded to your YouTube account.

  • Naming and Branding of channel :

this is not like you created your YouTube channel and leave it with any name and start uploading videos.

No. if you really want to Make money with YouTube, then you have to choose your channel name assigned with your content type. Like, if you are posting videos about political issues then you must have to select your channel name ” Likely ” to your topic.

and this is not only about starting your channel. unlike only stating this is very beneficial for you to create your own brand in YouTube.

so, while naming your channel just name carefully. and choose wisely. You don’t want your channel name to be forgot able. so using word twisted is thing but don’t make it complicated.

  • Posting Good content :

Good ? isn’t it obvious. but, when i say Good it means your content is not be 18+ or adult, violent or hateful.

this is the main key for your channel to get ranked.

you have to create your content Original. Keep it real and your audience are going back to you again and again.

Don’t post copyrighted content ever, which will lead your bad impression to your audience and to YouTube. which in case ends up with banning your channel.

  • Title and Description :

You have to define your videos well. Because, many of the peoples out there are coming to your videos are came from your title. and your description helps you for your s.e.o.

You have to keep your video’s title simple and readable. Just target what your audience want to hear from you. your title must not be too difficult and mismatch to your video.

  • Be Consistent :

You have to upload your videos on regular basis. By which your audience can get your fresh content.

Just remember one thing. if you have more videos , your viewer can choose right pick for him/ her. Posting content on regular basis can be very helpful for your channel.

Because, Google is so smart to keep track record of you. if you are not posting your content or video on regular basis , Google and your Audience can be sad at you. and wont be came to you again and again.

  • Like , Subscribe and Share :

Sounds familiar ? well, this is tagline or you can say punchline to many ( more than 99 %) YouTuber’s.

because, you want your visitors back. right ?

So, you have to encourage them to like your video , comment on it to increase interaction, subscribe to get new notifications and share to get similar audience.

By clicking on share button, your viewer can share video to Facebook , Twitter and other social media’s.

Basic trick to get first 100 subscriber’s and likes is ,” You have to tell all of your friends and family member’s”. this are those peoples who are going to join your channel with no reason ( sounds true ?).

If you have your own Blog or any website, then you can Embed your video on to your post’s. or you can embed your video to Quora . where you can answer peoples question by posting video’s.

  • Monetization of your Channel :

You reading this post to Make money with YouTube, Right ?.

There is one thing in YouTube channel which is called as Monetization. this in YouTube’s money sharing program. this is where you Make money with YouTube.

Where YouTube is going to share their revenue with us and we make money on YouTube video views.

Once you start making video, you can activate this option and tell YouTube that you are ready for making money.

YouTube will verify your channel and if you are eligible it will start displaying relevant ads on your video’s.


To start making money, you have to enable this option in your YouTube account setting ( Channel setting -> Monetization -> On ).

  • Apply for AdSense :

When you want to monetize your YouTube channel, you have to open your AdSense account.

AdSense account is account where YouTube is going to pay you in. where you get and withdraw your money.

You already have your google account. so, you have to open your AdSense account with e-mail id which is associated with your YouTube channel.

YouTube not just only pays you for views , it pays you for clicks too. Clicks which you get on your Ad’s which YouTube is showing on your video’s.

You have to increase your video views and Ad Clicks because, more clicks is equal to more money.

  • Promotion / Marketing :

well Marketing does not mean that you have to spend money on anything. No.

You have to go with FREE digital marketing resources. Like Facebook, twitter , Instagram etc.

You can interact with other YouTuber’s within your niche. which is really helpful for promoting your YouTube channel. But, remember that you don’t have to be on any random channel in your niche. You have to be wise and choose well.

If you interact with any other channel which already has more than 10k subscriber’s. it is good.

Always produce quality content in your video. because, you must have good number of subscriber’s in order to get fast and regular views.

If you are good at something , i recommended to start Podcasting. which is video series. so by that you can get more subscriber and consistent viewers for your channel.

Always check video analytics of your channel. which will show you your views and results. try to improve always with those number’s.

Quick tips to Make money with YouTube :

  • Consistency is important.
  • content is king.
  • Always produce videos in High Quality.
  • Never ever copy others work.
  • Don’t get paid traffic to your channel ( which is only temporary ).
  • collaboration with other YouTuber’s.
  • work with plan.
  • Always share to social media platforms.

My note on Make money with YouTube :

There is too much competition in the online world. So, you have to play with all your hard work.

Don’t forgot to share video with me.

Happy Earning’s,