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Top 8 ways to Make money as a Photographer in 2018

Firstly i am going to admit that, new photographer’s are in business for not to make money as a photographer.

Because, photography is hobby to many peoples. its art, so there is no money compared to it.

But, After some days you can automatically realize that you are good at photography. and why not to make money out of it ?.

In case of Additional income, you can check my another post about ” Top 19 ways to make money online “.

So, here in this post we are going to discuss little bit about ,


” Make money as a Photographer “.


1. Sell Your photos online on stock sites.

If you are really good in photography, then you can make good money by selling them online. As there are many websites like ShutterStock and Flickr you don’t have to find your clients.

there are many quests and competitions available and always ongoing there.

in which you can participate in them according to your category. By which you can shoot your photos according to your clients criteria and can make money as a photographer.

here are some steps by which you can join and make money on Stock websites :

  • Sign Up : Like every other website out there you have to sign up there to upload your work. many stock websites as Shutterstock have their own Android and IOS apps which they called contributor app.
  • Rules and Regulations : You must have to read carefully all the guidelines on that website. which you must follow in order to get your Photo uploaded and selected. Because, there are some websites where you have to upload your work without editing.
  • Keywords : keywords are most important thing after your Photo. because without proper photo description and proper keywords you can’t rank and convince your buyer to buy your photo.
  • Interact : interact to other photographer’s in community or niche to get helpful tips.


2. Start Photography Blog :

Starting blog is very good option for many things or many ideas. So as it is good for Photographer’s too.

You can start blog about your personal photography. where you can sell your Photos. in which payment is in online mode.

wait. this is not only about selling photos. You can also start writing things , tips , tricks about photography on your Blog.

where you can start your own video series about photography. and you can make product reviews there. where you can tell peoples about different camera’s and lenses.

Besides photo selling you can sell your tutorials too. and if you get good flow of readers to your blog. then you can start selling space on your Blog. where you make extra money on your Blog and also make money as a Photographer.


3. Work for Magazine or newspaper :

If you have enough time spare in a day then this is best option for you.

You just have to click photos for magazines or newspaper’s. in which you got job where there is any event.

you have to click moments which are happening in your city for newspaper. Or you have to click photos for specific task provided by magazine.


4. Wedding Photography :

peoples in wedding spend money like crazy. in which they want to save there memories in wedding for life.

You can provide services like Photography as well as video shooting in wedding.

You just have to be ready with your equipment. because, client is demanding and they want to go with trend.

So in many cases you must have drone camera. or contact by which you can borrow someones camera on rent.

No matter you have good team or not. but you must have skills to catch perfect moments. with Best editing skills you have.

there are mainly three types when it comes to wedding Photo-shoot.

  • Pre-wedding Photo-shoot :

in which your clients are going to do Photo-shoot for their upcoming wedding invitation or for their memories.

  • Wedding Photo-shoot :

in which you just have to click best shots or best moments which are happening in wedding. Like Bride coming or wearing Ring , etc.

  • Post wedding :

post wedding Photo-shoot are those Photo-shoot where peoples are going to do Photo-shoot after marriage. in which you have to shoot on location of your own.

this three types of Photo-shoots are in trend now-days. because increasing use of Instagram and invitation methods are change in many order’s.

You can sell them full or complete package of Photo-shoots ( Pre + wedding + Post ).

Or you can charge them for different Photo-shoots.

Mostly charges are vary from $3000+ ( INR 200000+). So you have good opportunity in this one. You don’t have to spend penny so you can make money as a Photographer.


5. Photo Shoots :

you can do photo shoot for your clients.

increasing number of Instagram love or you can say social media love can be healthy for your business.

Or you can shoot for any company . which want to be in advertising with their own models.

for this business you must have good contacts. by which you can get clients by phone.

You can also work with Advertising and marketing companies. where you can make photo shoots for different types of companies.

there are some types of photo shoots which you can perform and which are in demand now-days. :

  • Pet Photo-shoots
  • Children Photo-shoots
  • new born baby Photo-shoot.
  • Maternity Photo-shoots
  • Family portraits
  • Head-shot Photo-shoot
  • Boudoir Photo-shoots
  • Real estate photos for Advertises.

Every type of this can charge different by rates. in which rates are vary from $50 / Hour ( 3000 INR ) to $100 / Hour ( 6000 INR ). this is also good way to make money as a photographer.


6.Photo Contest’s :

there is competition for almost everything. So, here is also. Here in Photography contest, you have great chances to make good money.


This isn’t hard to win those contests . Because more than 95 % of them are new like you. So, everyone have different skill and editing material. So, you don’t have to worry about such things.

Although this is not only winning contest. If you lost that contest , you can get good experience which will sufficient to motivate you for another contest.

there are too many contests in different topics are going in here. where you can select your desired category and can won much as $1000 ( 68000 INR ). isn’t this good ?


7. Selling Your Best shots :

which means to sell your own images. Sounds difficult ?
well, if you are going to sell your photos on stock websites. then they are going to make money by selling your art. So, why don’t you sell your own photos and make money ?.

Here are some of the ways by which you can sell your own shots :

  • Online websites : as i said before in this topic, you can sell your best shots online onto your website or just upload it on ImageKind .  they sell it and you make money as a photographer.
  • Art Gallery : You can sell your own shots in Art gallery. where you can make money by selling your masterpiece.
  • Display in Public : which means you have to display your best art onto public places like coffee shop, restaurant , Zoo , etc.
  • Sell to corporate Offices : Sell your photos to unique offices. Like you can sold images of artistic Buildings to Builder’s or land developer’s.

As it sounds easy ” it is not “.

So, you have to take care of some little things like, peoples are not going to buy your products if there are peoples in that shot. So, try to make your shot friendly to everyone.

Before going into the real market like art gallery or anywhere else, study first. just check ” What that art gallery is famous for ?”. by which it could be easy to sell your shots to many peoples.


8. Teaching Photography :

this is probably best way to earn some extra but good money.

Because, with teaching your student about photography, you can start Blog or any other way which i mentioned above.

Teaching consists of many things. Like focusing on image ( Digital cameras do work now days ), getting perfect shot, editing images , etc.

You can shoot your whole course and can start selling on Tutsplus or udemy  . where you can upload your work and peoples are going to buy your course to learn Photography from you.


Admins words on ” make money as Photographer “ :

  • Always Use good instruments.
  • Your Photographs decide your carrier so choose wise before selling.
  • World is changing drastically. So, Adapt technology fast to beat competition.
  • Create your Portfolio as Photographer ( which requires in case of getting big clients ).
  • Never forgot to advertise Yourself.
  • Don’t hesitate with your early failure in online selling or Blogging. Rise Up again.

So, here is the post about make money as a photographer.

what you think about this photo ? if you start your own Blog or Video series on your Photography lessons just ping me. I would love to be your reader or student.

Happy earnings ,