How to make 1 crore from S.I.P Investment with less investment

How to make one crore from investing in SIP or what is S.I.P Investment ?

S.I.P Investment i.e. How can investing in SIP makes me millionaire? Clearly how much you have to save, where to invest and how much returns can be found in detail.

S.I.P Investment and how to make one crore from investment in SIP.

It all understands that in order to be rich, you have to spend less than your income and save. and invest that savings in the right place. But we should also be clear that how much savings we have to achieve and where to invest our purpose.

If you know how much money you need for your purpose, today i am going to tell you how much you should invest and where to invest.

If you have to achieve the objective of getting a certain amount of money , then here i am telling you how you can achieve it in the next twenty five years. If you want to get one crore rupees from your investment , then you can see in the table given here how much time you can get one crore rupees on a fixed interest or return after depositing each month.

Let me tell you here, that if your objective is to make capital of one crore rupees then keep an eye on inflation i.e inflation in market / economy.

That is, the thing which you can achieve in one crore rupees today, you will not be able to get the same thing in 10 million due to rising inflation after fifty years.

That is why when you set your goal, then calculate the damage caused by inflation. That’s why I have also obtained the data of achieving the target of more than one crore in this table.

How to save and plan your S.I.P Investment ?

Your monthly savings should also be the same as the goal you have chosen. If you are not able to save as much money, then there is a general rule for either to increase your income or reduce your expenses so that you can save a certain amount every month.

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Or invest your savings in a place where you can get more returns.

How and where to invest, to get the retention of 10 million on S.I.P Investment

Now the question arises as to where and how to invest in achieving its goal. Every month, a certain amount is invested to invest in SIP i.e systematic investment plan.

Now you can also make this fixed amount every month in mutual funds, also in the bank RD (Recurring Deposit) or Post Office RD.

SIP Investment. Where to invest for getting your desired return?

To get more returns on your investment, you also have to take up more risk. You can also invest your investment in different places to get your desired amount.

More returns can be obtained in lesser risk. Just like investing in Equity Mutual Fund every month, you can invest half of the investment in debt fund and half of the investment in equity funds.

If you want to save income tax you can also invest in ELSS. Here i am telling you where you can get returns by investing.

8 to 11%
Bank RD
Post Office RD
PF i.e. Provident Fund
Debt fund
Balanced Fund

These investments are considered to be more secure and can be sure of returns.

12 to 18%
Share Market
Equity fund
Diversified Equity Fund
Balanced Fund

Risks can also be included in these investments, but if you are investing for fifty years and investing through SIP, then your risk becomes minimal.

The ideal investment will be the same which can be divided into two categories given above.

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