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Earn money from Affiliate marketing Business

Is it possible to earn money from Affiliate marketing ?.

Affiliate marketing is the way by which you can make money while you sleep. I mean a lot money.

you can do affiliate marketing in many way’s. although, there are many website provide free web store or free website for selling products.

Table of content’s :

  • Introduction to affiliate marketing.
  • Types of affiliate marketing.
  • Why Affiliate marketing ?
  • Top tips to make more money from Affiliate marketing.
  • Getting affiliate marketing business to next level.
  • Author’s final words.



Introduction to Affiliate marketing :

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business. from which you can make a lot money in very short period of time.

this is the best way to earn money passively. in which you don’t have to invest your money.

In short words, Affiliate marketing is business where you are going to sell third party product’s to consumer’s.

You can make sale by any form.

Like, many of the peoples preferred Blogging as a platform. many of select YouTube and other social media.

So, you just have to pick any of the best way from around the internet.

Making profit from sales, in the face of royalty is affiliate earning.

In affiliate marketing to earn money from Affiliate marketing , you must have skills to encourage peoples to buy product.

Top website’s like Amazon , Bang-good , Alibaba ( click on given links to join there affiliate program ) are paying heavy amount to it’s Affiliates.

Alibaba pay’s up-to $7 per lead..


How you can earn money from Affiliate marketing :

there are various types of methods in affiliate marketing. in which you have to select by your choice.

firstly you have to connect or register to any Affiliate platform. by which you get ads to display.

Ad agency will provide you various advertising material’s. like Advertising Banner’s, Advertising link’s, Paid link’s, etc.

you just have to pick your relevant advertising niche, and Ad platform will provide you

P.P.C ( Pay Per Click ) :

in this type, you are going to paid after each click on that Advertise. in which you have to place your advertise into the right place. means if you are writing about any fashion tip, then you have to place that advertise into the post . exactly where you are telling your reader about that product.

P.P.S ( Pay Per Sale ):

in this type, you are going to paid after each sale you generated. Means, you have to sell product’s for brands. or, you can sell product’s from Amazon or any other affiliate program.

P.P.L ( Pay Per Lead ):

this is most easy and great earning strategy than other’s. because, many of the companies need consumer’s data to approach them. or marketing purposes.

and in which you are going to redirect your reader to their website. and convert your reader into their customer.

Once that user fill out that form, you are going to be paid.

Why Affiliate marketing ?

well, affiliate marketing is the best way, to earn more money from your blog or your selling skills.

Because, in this thing you don’t have to purchase any product. or you don’t have to maintain inventory or any other stuffs.

You just have to convert visitor into the buyer. so it is not easy to earn money from Affiliate marketing .

Specially if you see this key-point’s, you definitely start affiliate marketing today.

  • Passive income :

passive income is the thing, where you are going to make money while you sleep. means in this business, you don’t have to be online 24*7 or. you don’t have to work for whole day.

you just have to start an blog or any successful network. which will convert your reader’s or your visitors into the buyer’s .

  • No office needed :

in this type of business, you don’t need any store or any office space. this is work from home business. where you can make good amount of money.

  • No inventory :

You don’t have to purchase any type of product. you just have to list those products to your selling platform.

  • Technical support :

you get 100% technical support to design banner ads and links for promotion.

You get free banner ad and links for those product, which include your referral id / code . so you don’t have to code a single line.

  • Hassle free After sales :

you don’t have to worry about after sale. because, you are just promoting that product. you are not manufacturer or you are not that online store. you are just a promotor for that product.

so you just have to make sale and after that. if any problem occurs that customer call that respected company.

  •  No shipping :

like I said in above point, you are not seller. so you don’t have to take any responsibility for that shipping.

because your job is to sell that product only.

  • Global customer’s :

like any retail store ( Offline ), you don’t have limited user base area.

in this affiliate marketing you get this whole world as your customer’s. because, if you are selling hair trimmer by amazon in U.S.A , then you can sell it in India too via

Top tips to Earn money from Affiliate marketing :

from above things which I told in this post, I hope that “Affiliate marketing ” is pretty clear to you.

By which, one thing is clear. that this is not too much hard , as well as easy to earn money from Affiliate marketing.

Because, increasing competition makes this category so much crowded. but , peoples are now believe on online purchase, that is the only good sign.

you just have to take advantage of your marketing skills and selling skills.

this will make you rich, but after much hard-working. so. always keep in mind this and stay motivated for affiliate sales.

Here are some of the key point’s. which are very important for you before starting any online business. or before start selling as affiliate seller.

1. Selecting Platform :

this is the very first step in selling Product’s online. some of the ways which I know are listed below .

  • Creating own Blog / website :

this is my favorite thing when it comes to sell things online. Because, you have your own platform where you can customize anything which you want.

You have freedom to sell product through writing post about that product’s. and most important you can make money by P.P.I ( pay per impression ) too.

so , you can earn money from Affiliate marketing and Advertise Impressions too.

  • YouTube :

there are many and many YouTuber which are making good money on YouTube.

Because, YouTube gives you freedom to express yourself in front of whole world. where you can freely convince your viewer by showing that product.

or, you can start any product review YouTube channel. where you can tell other peoples about that product and encourage them to buy that product.

  • Social media :

Facebook , Instagram , twitter and other’s. this are worlds top leading FREE social media platform.

where you can earn money from Affiliate marketing, by targeting specific peoples and spending little to no money.

If you have good followers on Instagram ( 5k+) , then you can contact advertisers. they will provide you relevant advertises according to your profile and region.

  • Messaging Platform’s :

Did you know ? you can sell products on What’s App and telegram, and earn money from Affiliate marketing.

You just need targeted or interested peoples in your region, who are ready to buy products from you. ( Like drop-shipping ).

You just have to create group in what’s app where peoples are requesting products, and you are providing the same.

2. Selecting Good product’s to earn money from Affiliate marketing:

Look , this is not thing where you are going to make money by writing e-books.

in Affiliate marketing your interest doesn’t matter, your customers does. so you have to select products according to trend or your targeted user’s.

so, in selecting product you have to research whole area. where you can make regular sale. by which your money is keep in rotation and you keep motivated.

some helpful tips are.

  • Don’t register for too many Affiliate websites :

there are number of affiliate seller’s on internet. who are ready to give you opportunity to work with them and sell their product.

but, you don’t have to register everyone. because, every seller has different product category. with different selling strategy. so don’t get trapped by FREE joining.

  • Define niche :

Like I said above, don’t try to sell everything which you see.

Many new Affiliate seller’s are trying to be online platform, where they can sell each and everything.

rater that selling everything, make your platform special in specific category. where you can maintain product line regarding your category.

which will lead your customer to come back to you, for buying related product’s.

3. Incoming traffic :

this word is familiar to blogger’s. but, in short this mean that you have to get traffic from many other source.

means, if peoples are coming to your website or blog or your network directly it make sales. its good.

but, your sale remain limited. But, if you get traffic from any other platforms or from any other websites too then, your sale is automatically increases.

for this thing you have to advertise your platform. One of the best and trusted way is Google AdWords.

where you can advertise your website or platform at relatively lower rates. By which you can appear on top of the search result and ultimately you get those clicks.

4. Tracking on AdWords :

AdWords is very big platform. where you have to start campaign for your advertise.

in which you can track your campaign, which will give you exact direction of your sales. Like, your traffic source. your impressions and User clicks.

Each campaign needs to provide keywords to them. by which google is going to send traffic to your platform.

it is very good idea to start 4 to 5 campaigns at start on AdWords. because you never know that from which keyword or from which source you are going to get traffic.

So, once you start some campaigns you have to track those campaigns to understand your customers behavior.

5. The right value :

there are many websites and some browser extensions available out there. which allow user to compare that products actual prize.

you have to compare that products value to many other affiliate programs, before selling that product.

Don’t get trapped in ” Big sale , Big money ” :

this is the big mistakes which are done by many more new seller’s. Affiliate companies are consistently offering many offers which makes sellers Greedy.

So don’t try to earn money from Affiliate marketing in single night , by selling your products at higher rates. or By cheating your customer.

6. Use technology :

you just have to be current about new technology trends. by which you can sell more products.

in todays world, there are many new players who came into this business. so you just have to be current in technology, by which you can use that technology to make your sale.

7. Use every resource :

if you are building any YouTube channel to promote products, then you must have to use all the tools provided by YouTube.

if you have any WordPress powered website, then you can use respected Plugin. by which you can sell and decorate your product style and design. there are some helpful plugins, by which you can track your sales and leads.

Taking Affiliate marketing business to next level :

So, you start Affiliate marketing, make your first few sales. now what ?

now is the time to getting your Affiliate marketing business to next level. where you are going to do so many things to develop your business. and grow your business accordingly.

1. Be student and keep learning :

this is most important thing in affiliate marketing. as there are many new players in the market and many new are coming. you have to learn in each day and in each sale.

as there are many new different strategy to sell products. many of them are easy convincing.

but, you learn those strategies only if you are going to practice those things.

which will make you a better writer in future, and bring new visitors to your site daily.

2. Create own Network of like minded peoples :

since this is no more secret to earn money from Affiliate marketing , there are many player’s actively earning.

So, you have to be in touch with them. and make money through those experience.

If you build strong network with those peoples, then you can ask them to promote your content. which will reflect you as a brand.

3. Branding yourself :

other than selling things to people, you have to reflect yourself as Good brand. which will be very helpful for you to sell products to your buyer’s.

For example : Amazon is well established online selling platform. where buyer’s ( even me ) buying blindly without seeing who sell that product. I just be assured about Amazon seller trust.

So, building your own BRAND as SELLER is very important, to earn money from Affiliate marketing.

4. Getting Right traffic to you :

it is not important to get 5000 impressions in a single day. But, from those 5000 visitors at least 200 must be buyer’s.

so for that thing you must have to use the resources, which are easily available now-days on Internet.

this are too much important to earn money from Affiliate marketing. because you are new on internet and you have to develop your own network first.

( Some of the ways are FREE and some are PAID ).

  • Free Advertising :

this method is about to get some inward traffic from other websites. Like there is Craiglist .

where you can post your advertise on their website. Once any buyer is interested in your product and he click on your advertise, you got successful lead.

By this method both, means that website and you both get money.

  • Paid promotion :

in this method you have to pay some amount of money to advertising agency like AdWords.

where google is targeting peoples who search specific term in Google Search. this is very important in generating initial traffic.

OR. you can place your advertise or links to other promotional network. which are selling links to other blogger’s to promote your content.

  • E-mail marketing :

this is kind of tough marketing. as this includes sending e-mail to your subscriber.

But, I personally use many extensions or Plugins, which are keep pushing me to subscribe to them. Once you got your subscribers, you can send them notifications about product in which they are interested in.

e-mail marketing is the most effective way to hang your buyer’s around your content.

in which you can contact your customer whenever you want. ( isn’t it great ! ).

  • Posting and Posting :

well this is little effective in affiliate marketing. but, if you are going to post your network marketing skills to the right place then you can make good amount of money from it.

so, you must have to post your ideas or your content to other websites.

there are many websites which are allowing their readers to post on those website. by which they can also maintain their content. and user can also generate lead from their website.

3. encourage other bloggers to Promote you are P.P.C ( pay per click ) Advertises:

Who don’t want money ?.

You can promote your network by creating good graphical and simple link to your site.

you just have to create catchy Advertise , which can grab attention of that buyer. and blogger who is promoting you on their website or blog is also happy. because he is also getting money from your ad impressions.

Sounds difficult ?.

here are some of the key points by which you can easily create an eye catching advertise. which will definitely encourage your buyers to click on them.

  • Good graphical design.
  • Right targeted product with right Pricing.
  • Relevant to keyword, which can convert click to sail.

Author’s word about earn money from Affiliate marketing :

Now you know all the basics regarding affiliate marketing.

by the use of which, you can start making money from day one. but, you have to be patient.

Choose right platform + Right product + best pricing + targeted advertising


as this sector is too much crowded, you don’t have to be impatient. Just keep working and one day you will not regret what you do for month’s. now you are ready to earn money from Affiliate marketing.

Happy earning.