make money selling E-Books

Make money selling e-Books – Complete guide

The fancy way to earn while sleep is make money selling e-books.

Because, writing e-books is not a great deal for writer’s.

If you have proper and detail knowledge about any product, or if you have in depth knowledge of any thing.

then you can write good e-book and make money selling e-books .

with over million’s of smartphone and tablets out in the hands of people’s. there is increasingly high demand of digital content.

in which you can find the gap and make money by selling e-books.

But when it comes to selling e-books, this is not only limited to its content.

it contain’s design of that book ( Cover and etc.) length of e-book, Font selection and much more.

Most people don’t consider writing and Selling eBooks because they don’t know the right method to successfully write, self-publish and sell their eBooks. Here are few steps you can follow to earn money by Selling eBooks.


Important things to make money selling e-books  :

Selection the perfect fit for you :

perfect fit means the right niche for your e-book.

Niche means the micro topic in which you have expertise. like, many of the writer’s are writing books or e-books in many categories.

Like they write in Drama, Romance, Horror, Suspense and many. But, if you carefully notice successful writers, then you definitely realize that. peoples who choose niche for their reader’s are successful.

E-Book name / Title :

this is one of the most important thing in writing e-book and make money selling e-books .

because, many of the people’s who are non-reader’s too are attracted by just Title.

If you writing book about any “Horror story” and you pick title like ” Horror story of Flat ” ( uhh ..) this does not sound catchy. But, instead if you choose ” Ghosted flat no.13″ then it little catch an eye of reader.

Writing e-book :

now we came to the main body on which your customer is going to come again.

in writing you have to make juice of all of your knowledge and extract into e-book.

By which your reader can easily understand and get proper knowledge, and can understand what you are trying to say.

Don’t be too complicated :

Perhaps there are plenty of languages out there. and if you just pick english language. there are numerous styles for writing.

But, you have to pick easiest language. because, you don’t know your reader’s age and mother-tongue.

Images ( very important to make money selling e-books  ):

Cover of your E-book :

Selling book is 60 % depend upon it’s cover. your 60% revenue of make money selling e-books is from just its cover.

Because many of the people’s ( like me ), are going to buy book by just seeing Cover.

It attract’s many and many new Reader’s for you.

Your book cover must have to match with ” theme ” of your e-book.

Internal Images :

this does not mean you have to overload images in your e-book.

But, after some pages to increase reader’s involvement , it is very beneficial to add some images.

Description for e-book :

writing and make money selling e-books is not easy task. but, publishing it is more important than that.

while you publish your e-book , just take care of that books description. which is going to tell your reader’s about your book. and tell them ” what your book is about “.

description means you have to write some important key factor’s in e-book. like, if you are going to write any love story then. you description must like ” Story of guy who try to catch butterfly, who never settle in any heart.”. something like that.

Free is the Key to make money selling e-books :

There is no one in my connection who reject’s free stuff.

you can make money selling e-books by free stuff also.

Like, if you have any blog or website, then you can run a Give-Away. in which you can give your e-book for free to user’s for different task’s. like Subscription or any other.

in this way you does not get any kind of money. but, you can get your reader’s and there is huge chance for you to brand yourself. and once you became brand, you can sell books under your name.

Freebie :

this method is used widely now days.

in which many writer’s are going to give free stuff for some specific action. Like, some of them are giving FREE Access to their e-book.

Many offer’s are specially designed for first few consumer’s.

OR, you can sell Advertising course book along with your Marketing course book.

Publicity / Advertising :

this is probably applicable to new Writer’s. who are try to sell their e-books by surviving in this crucial market. in which they are going to compete with BIG BOY’s of their niche.

But, with the help of digital marketing you can advertise your e-book on e-newspaper’s.

Asking for blogger’s to promote your e-book against handsome commission, is also great way to promote your e-book.

If you are healthy on budget then , you can advertise your e-book on popular magazines in your niche.

How to make money selling e-books ?

well, this is the main question and probably most important part in this blog post.

while there are many platforms out there to sell e-book, we are going to discuss only best ways to sell e-book.

Amazon E-book selling :

Yes ! rather than only shopping stuff, Amazon will help you to sell e-books too.

with the help of amazon kindle amazon has reached many reader’s, you can make money selling e-books .

with little to no Joining fee’s ( $2.99 – $ 9.99 ) you can sell your e-books on Amazon.

here is the link to join AMAZON E-BOOK seller joining.

Start Own Blog to make money selling e-books:

i would suggest you to go for own blog to sell e-book after you became brand.

But, if you have your own blog then, you can start creating series of any story. or any marketing course or etc.

unless you became big brand or Popular you have to work hard on your blog. and have to hire any good S.E.O expert for your blog.

Final words by Author on make money selling e-books :

reading this post about ” make money selling e-books “, is very easy.

But, in practical way this is very hard stuff. and another thing from which you have to beware from is PIRACY.

there are number of lazy peoples, who are ready to republish your original content as their own. so try to secure your original content in digital world.

OR, once your book is sky high. many peoples are eager to sell your e-book for FREE of cost. which might be get you in loss.

But, there are too many genuine reader’s. which are download your e-book from authorize website’s.

many kindle reader’s uses Kindle subscription. By that they are easily going to buy your book at lower price.

and there is no perfect solution for piracy so, no need to worry about it. Just focus on selling e-books.

As of now i know this basics of selling e-books online.

If you found this post helpful , let me know in comment box. Or if there are any suggestions , please feel free to tell me.

Happy earning’s. Cheer’s.