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Top 19 ways to Make money online – Business for Money

On this page you will find the top ways to Make money online .

some of the ways by which you can earn from day 1. Yes ! from day 1.

before writing this post i have searched ad tried too many things on internet. Some of them are good enough but , some of them are really worst.

here in this post, i am going to show you ways by which you can Make money online while sleep.

19 ways to Make money online .

So, without wasting time here is your list of ways to Make money online.

1. Start your own Website :

this is common online business idea, which almost every Blogger will give you when you ask them about ” making money online”.

but, this is so damn true. If you want to make serious money, then you must have to go by this way.

as many peoples on internet are trying to make there fortune with Blogging, you also can dive in this ocean.

wait…. as it sound’s, it is not easy as that. but, if you are going with your passion in a blogging then, there are higher number of chances that you get Success.

Read step-by-step guide to start Money making Blogging. it’s really one of the best way to make money online.

2. Online market trading :

did you know Warren Buffet ? if yes, then no need to explain you much more.

Online market trading is about Share market or Stock market. where one can make money by trading stocks.

with little investment and good amount of reading you can make good amount of money.

as there are many company’s are listed in stock market, you can invest in Penny stocks as well as Blue Chip stocks.

Read author’s post on invest and make money in stocks. as it sound easy, it takes too much hard work like study stock’s and much more.

3. Write and Publish kindle e-Book :

this is probably very much easy task with little writing skills.

If you are good at any skill or you have knowledge about any specific topic, then you can write good e-book about near 100 pages.

well, there are many platforms which allow you to sell your e-book on there platform. Like Amazon’s Kindle.

Amazon kindle provides service of selling e-books. on which you can sell your e-book for free or You can decide price of your e-Book.

You can earn up-to 70 % money on each sell. this is handsome amount to start selling. this is a good example of Passive income.

where you can make money by investing Once.

here is the Ultimate guide for making money by e-Book selling .

4. Affiliate Marketing :

if you are good to tell peoples about any product or service, and able to convert sales pitch to sales. then this is for you.

With the help of social media presence, one can make good money on Internet.

Almost every top Blogger on internet is using Affiliate marketing to increase their revenue.

but, it is not necessary for you to have Blog or your own website. without it also you can easily sell products online.

many platform’s like Amazon , Flipkart, and hosting companies are ready to hire you as affiliate marketer.

here is the post, where i already wrote detail guide about, ” Earn Money with Affiliate marketing “.

5. Freelancing :

freelancing is also in best ways to Make money online.

rather, i would highly suggest you to start your first online Business as Freelancer.

Because, in Freelancer you just have to create your profile and do job for Advertiser’s.

for ex. show’s Advertises related to your profile and skill’s , by which you have to select your Project and make a Bid.

if Advertiser select you as an Freelancer then you can work for him and make money instantly.

Like many fake survey sites this is NOT FAKE. But , there is trick to get first survey’s at Freelancer.

6. Fiverr :

Yes ! you can make money on Fiverr by posting Gigs ( Yes they call it Gigs).

Fiverr is the fastest growing make money website. where you can sell your services ( gigs ) to the peoples and make as less as $5.

But, by repeating services and posting many new content can make you good money.

You can do almost anything. From writing , making video’s, teaching people’s, making music , teaching drawing , making prank video’s and much more.

as there is a way to hire someone on other sites like Up-work or Freelancer and get project from there, and re-post to the client on Fiverr. But, this is not long lasting.

Excited about Fiverr ? Browse here to know more.

7. Buy and Sell domain names :

well, there are 3.1 million Domain’s registered everyday( !! ).

Mean’s many of the peoples are not getting domain names they want, Right.

So , you can fill the gap by purchasing those domain’s. Like you can buy any of the Good combination domain name. which reflects some meaning.

and after purchasing that domain, you can sell it on

Let me explain ,

if you purchase domain name “ ” for $20 . and you don’t want to start website on that domain.

so, you can make bid of anything you want. like if it’s too unique ( which is very hard to find), you can sell it for $200 or more.

In 2007 went for a cool $35 m.

8. Tutoring :

every person on earth is a student sometime.

You can sell your knowledge online. as there are many website’s to be tutor , i personally like Udemy.

Udemy is website where you can start your own ” Course ” on almost Anything .

Means, you don’t have to be expert in Physics to teach people’s.

If you are good at Sword, you can teach people’s how to drive or Drag sword. there are no limitation’s.

and Udemy is paying you in percentage from Profit.

Although , tutoring is also best for Offline teaching and making good money.

9. Sell Photo’s online :

Don’t pass this .. No problem . i never said that you have to be photographer to do so.

If you have good photography skill’s, then you can take good shot’s with your smartphone too.

there are plenty of website’s on Web. which are in search of good photographs.

Like, you can sell your photo’s on Fotolia or istockphoto. where you get paid when your photo is sold.

Or, you can participate in competition’s of Photography. where you have to go with theme provided by Organizer.

and make your best shot to get selected. Winning prizes are previously declared with competition.

so, if you can make it . you can make hell good money out of that.

interested in online photography ? Read on here.

10. YouTube Channel :

As you know, YouTube is world’s number 3 site behind Google and Facebook .

hundreds and thousand’s of video’s are uploaded everyday on YouTube.

And many of channel owner’s making money from those video’s.

if you are good at something, then you also can make good amount of money by YouTube.

I personally recommend you to give it a try. because, its totally FREE .

those algorithm is very simple. more the view’s more the money. so you just have to pick something in which you are good at and have to make video on that thing.

Or you can make video series on something. like educational series or short film’s, etc.

there are a lot of things to do with YouTube channel.

i suggest you to go through this YouTube page, where i already writing about many things about YouTube.

11. Network Marketing / Multi level Marketing :

If you are good at making network of people’s ( i mean useful peoples) . then you can make a lot of money from network marketing.

multi level marketing consist’s of chain. where you can make money on double ways.

first , like you sell product’s to your chain .

second, your people’s in chain sell that product to consumer’s. you can make profit in percentage.

once reporter ask Mr. Bill gate’s that ” if you want to become successful like you right now, which business you choose other than Software industry “.

Mr. Gates replied , ” i would love to start Multi level Marketing “.

So, there is not much to say about this business. as world’s richest would love to start this business.

this are probably hard but best profitable ways to Make money online.

12. Drop Shipping :

In this list of ways to Make money online, we saw some direct selling and some indirect selling ideas.

drop shipping is the new trend in 2017-18. where one can make money by sell without purchasing any kind of product.

in this business, large wholesaler are looking for peoples who are ready to make sale for them.

like, You DON’T have to purchase anything ( but, some wholesaler’s are charge for subscription).

you just have to showcase their product on your website. or , you can advertise their product and encourage consumer’s to buy that product.

After each sale you earn handsome amount of money. Drop shipping is on the Boom business for the peoples, who don’t want to invest much money in online business.

13. Social Media ways to Make money online :

Did you heard sometime, that Someone made $100 /day on Instagram ?.

if you didn’t heard it before. well, this is true.

there are very big platform’s like Facebook , Instagram , Twitter or Pinterest . even if they are big in size, they need peoples to target specific peoples. for their Advertiser’s.


If you have 10 k follower’s for any Account or any type of page on Facebook , instagram , Twitter, etc. then you can make good money out from it.

many of the Advertiser’s usually pay $3- $5 / 1000 like’s or share’s on social media ( depending on your chosen category).

here i am writing many things plus updated things about social media earning’s.

Using Facebook ? why not making money from it ?

Have 5 k follower’s on Instagram ? Com’on let’s make money.

Make money from spreading word with Twitter.

How to use Pinterest to generate money while you sleep.

14. Taking Survey’s :

companies which are selling thing’s are eager to get user’s review.

so in between consumer and company there are many website’s. which are ready to paid us for taking survey about that product or company.

here are some genuine website’s by which, you can make money online.

  • Swagbucks : Paying for taking survey’s. payment are in voucher’s mode or cash mode.
  • Toluna : Paying you in the face of Free amazon voucher’s or Free product’s.
  • Vivatic : not only survey taking but, pay’s you for writing job or Data entry.
  • One Poll : famous for short survey’s. paying in the face of cash or PayPal.

Love this listing ? there are plenty of more in which you can make money online.

Trusted , Tested and Genuine Survey website’s to make money online.

Top Data entry website’s to make instant cash.

Best website’s for writer’s.

15. Making Smartphone App’s :

Now day’s there are very few people’s on earth who don’t have smartphone.

People’s have android or IOS devices. So, you can make app’s according to your interest in field for your User’s.

Like website or Blog, you can make money by Ad impression’s. Affiliate sale’s or subscription.

it Does not require for you to be Coder to build app’s. there are many good website’s like Appiepie , App Empire who help already many people’s and can help you too.

here is the detail post about ” How to make money by making Smartphone App’s without coding knowledge ?”.

there are also two ways to Make money online with smartphone. second way is using smartphone.

16. Using Smartphone :

there are many App’s now days, which are paying their user’s for completing some task successfully.

like, Downloading any app or watching video’s etc.

this is probably smartest but cheap ways to Make money online .

But being frank. i am not suggesting you this way of making money if you want to be rich.

But, that does not mean that , you don’t have to give it try. Because, it can pay your Internet Bill.

17. Shopify :

Shopify is another website where you can sell Product’s, which are given by Shopify .

in this website, you don’t have to Purchase any of the Product physically. but, with the help of their website builder, you can create your own web-store.

in which you can sell product without hassle. because this website’s are E-commerce ready. so your commission through sale’s are directly go to your Account.

there is subscription after some period of time. means they give you trial period of 1 month ( as on today) to create your Web-Store.

But, later on you have to pay them some fee’s.

This contain’s lot of hard work. because, having web-store does not make you Amazon. But, with hard-work, you can make good money.

18. Just answer :

Love to solve people’s problems ?. why would not some money out from it ?.

here in you can make money by answering Professional Question’s.

Like Doctor’s, Technical Queries , Legal help and other professional services.

you can earn little or a lot money on this website, by helping people’s.

Usually peoples came here to save their money.

for example : if any person has any legal problem and if he goes to the Professional lawyer. that lawyer will charge handsome amount to him.

but, here on this website you can get that Answer for FREE.

19. Guest Posting :

well, this way is hard for many people’s. because, many of think that ” what if i write for my blog, instead of writing on other’s?”.

Genuine question. But, if you are going to write good blog post on any Professional website then, you are going to get shared money.

which is many time’s higher than JUST STARTED BLOG.

so, here are some website’s on which you can guest post.

Hub Spot : this is the best website. where you can make good money for living with Guest Blogging.

Out-brain : Another guest posting Website.

Copy Blogger : Another guest posting Website.

Smashing magazine : Another guest posting Website. : Another guest posting Website.

here is my detail post about ,” Guest posting is Good or Bad ?”.

Author’s words on ways to Make money online:

There are too many Business ideas and ways to Make money online. But, all are not listed here.

You should browse this website to get more and more ideas.

If any of those not working or if you have any Good online money making idea, then let everyone know.

Search is never end for Best idea. just always keep discovering new ways to Make money online

Happy earning’s.